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I made a lot of progress on the Teensy 3.0 upgrade/rewrite of my right-handed programmable game keypad over the weekend. It's still not ready to replace the Teensy 2++ control board yet - and has a *long* way to go - but the new hardware is mainly connected and functioning.

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dawnmist: My homebuilt gaming keyboard - version 1 (Default)

I received my Teensy 3.0 controllers in the mail last week, so I could finally start on version 2 of my programmable right-hand gaming keypad (designed to sit under my right hand because my mouse is on the left - my right shoulder doesn't tolerate mouse movements). I got the real time clock working, then the sd card...but for the life of me I simply couldn't get the Tft screen to work.

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All that frustration/hair tearing out was due to an incorrect specification of the controller on the tft. Just in case someone else comes across it, if you bought a 3.2" tft from ebay claiming to use the HX8347-A controller and it just won't work, try treating it as the SSD1289 controller instead - it seems that some ebay sellers have been listing their tfts as having the wrong controller chip!

Finally here

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 11:42 am
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I finally gave in and created a Dreamwidth account, because I'm tired of not being able to see/make comments on a friend's journal using the livejournal openId login.

It's unlikely that I'll post much to Dreamwidth...given that I don't post much to LJ either. I'll be glad to be able to participate in discussions again though :D.


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