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A pox on this stuff!

For the last 1.5-2 months, I've been using the Lidocaine patches on my feet at night, because it would stop the broken-bone type ache in my heels caused by my heels touching the top of the mattress. But during the day, the pain in my feet had been getting so bad I was struggling to walk at all by the end of the work day. So last night/today I switched them over to using the patches on my feet during the day. I reasoned that I could go back to using my cushion under my calves at night, so losing the ability to walk was the more pressing problem to solve.

And it worked! I did get the beginning of a late-afternoon pain escalation, but it settled back down again. I was able to walk freely to the station, and still able to walk freely to the car at the other end. Yay!

Everything went well...until I went to bed. I will admit that it took an hour or so to build (mostly because I felt the bed was cold to begin with I think), but the cushion under my calves set my calves off (giving me a new description of burning to add to my list - being boiled in oil - it's hotter and "stickier/thicker" than just boiling water). Getting warm triggered off some scalding pain on chin, forehead, back of neck & back of the shoulders - pains I'd been trying not to "notice" or acknowledge for the last few weeks in the hope that they would go away or that I was imagining them. The pain is enough to make me headachy and nauseas.

So I've taken additional 50mg of Tramadol, in the hope that it can get things to settle down enough so that I can get some sleep tonight.

I have a phrase from the soundtrack of "Return to the Forbidden Planet" stuck revolving in my head right now - "I can't win either way!". lol


I woke up this morning with a potential solution to the problem. I usually cut the patches for my feet into 6 sections (3 per foot) - one each for under the ball of my foot, under the heel of my foot, and one wrapping around the back of the heel. What I really need during the day is the 2 pieces that go under the foot. What I need at night is the strip around the back of the heel. So instead of using all 3 pieces at once, I'll split my usage so that I use the strip around the heel at night and the other 2 pieces during the day. That way I should be able to avoid using the cushion that sent my calves nuts last night.

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