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Woohoo! The keyboard is now assembled in the box, and most of the back panel connectors/switches are in place (it's just the foot switch connections that are currently missing). This means I now have a portable, customised-for-me gaming keypad *cheers*.

For the circuitboard, there were two "errors" that needed minor adjustment. The first was that the default footprint for a CR2032 battery holder in kicad expected a different distance between the battery terminals (longer than the holders that we had), so we needed to extend the positive terminal leg by about 2-3mm. The other issue was to do with how IDC cables/connectors work - I'd very carefully made sure that the screen would "plug into" the board, but without taking into account that I was planning to bring the cable out of the top of the board and thus I should have been plugging in the screen from the bottom of the board to get the row orientation right - plugging from the top resulted in the two rows being swapped. We changed to using a right-angle header underneath the board which then had the rows in the right pattern to match through an IDC cable to the screen - and I learned more about how IDC cables work in the process, so I know for future reference how to check those. In the end, that right-angle header worked better to fit the box anyway, so it was a win regardless :-).


Back Panel:

The red button on the back is the button to set the teensy into reprogramming mode, since the little button on the teensy is inaccessible with it sitting under the circuitboard.


Screen close-up:

The only thing still missing is that we haven't added the footswitch connector to the back panel yet. Still working out whether we'll do a panel mount connector, or whether we'll go with a flyout lead for that. I use the footswitches for push-to-talk in game voice chat, but if I'm at the bed PC I can't really activate a footswitch properly (maybe they become elbow or knee switches then...*laughs*) so for initial testing it didn't really matter. All the keys are remapped for their new wiring, and working.

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